Scopri di più Benvenuti nella cucina
della chef franca
lincontroacasatua che ci fa
stare insieme
L'asporto Ordina L'incontro a casa tua lincontroacasatua
Scopri di più La pizza Unica, saporita,
soffice e croccante
L'incontro ti regala un'esperienza unica regala
Scopri di più L'incontro regala un'esperienza unica L'incontro ti regala un'esperienza unica

The Chef


The way she moves among the burners in the kitchen, her natural habitat, is like a choreographed dance. Beneath the chef’s hat one can sense her passion for what she does, a passion which inspires her every day in the search for quality. Sweet yet decisive, and always with a smile on her face, she leads her team in service, blending traditional cuisine with the flavours of the sea. Her paella is legendary.

The Commander


Friendliness and courtesy are his secret weapons. His love and passion for what he does, and with which he oversees all of the restaurant’s activities, are a rare sight to behold. He has taken to heart the advice and experience which his parents, Bruno and Maura, passed down to him. His love for Juventus is comparable to his love for the local team, Combi Salso.


Chef Franca’s kitchen.
This is her kingdom. Her paella
is famous throughout the province.


Unique, flavourful,
soft, and crunchy
like a biscuit.


Whites, reds,
sparkling and still,
a journey through Italy.


Have you invited friends and family over for dinner?

Are you planning an evening of pizza, hamburgers, and movies?

This is the perfect solution.


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