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We toured and selected the best wineries in Italy in order to put together our new wine list. Esteemed sparkling wines, some lighter that barely tickle your palate, smooth full-bodied reds, whites that smell of undergrowth… Our restaurant’s updated wine list features bottles from vineyards across Italy, which our waiting staff propose in creative and sophisticated pairings that exalt the flavours and fragrances of your favourite dishes.


Thanks to the innovative and unique Coravin system, we’re able to offer excellent red and white wines by the glass. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the full flavour of a vintage Sassicaia paired with a pan-seared filet.

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Anyone who decides to tour the hills of the Parma and Piacenza provinces, won’t fail to notice the presence of the vineyards which, in row after meticulous row, adorn the landscape. To complete our local wine list, we turned to the historic wineries which produce the typical wines of western Emilia and which pair perfectly with the traditional dishes prepared by Chef Franca.


Yes hops, but refined and of outstanding quality. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer you the beers of 32 Via dei Birrai, included multiple times among the best Italian beers by the Guida alle Birre d’Italia (the Italian Beer Guide), published by Slow Food. A unique product whose production begins with the careful selection of the raw materials. The preparation is directly supervised throughout every stage in the process. The beers aren’t pasteurised and are re-fermented in the bottle, allowing them to develop the characteristic intense aroma and the delicate saturation which are typical of highly fermented (15°-25°), unfiltered beers.